Discover Cambridge & Somerville


Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and so much more! Located across the Charles River from Boston and sometimes referred to as the Left Bank, Cambridge is a city of just over 100,000.  Over 70% of the residents have at least a college degree.  The city’s science and technology sectors are thriving, as are Harvard and MIT. “The People’s Republic,” as this largely liberal locale is sometimes called, is also a great place to live, with an eclectic mix of shops & restaurants, well-maintained city parks, and inviting neighborhoods.  Cambridge is also fortunate not to be car-dependent. Residents regularly get around on foot, bicycle, or by hopping on the bus or subway. My own preferred means of transport is via Vespa!



The city is made up of thirteen named neighborhoods (see above) and five squares.

Cambridge Squares:

Porter Square (located in Neighborhood 9)

Harvard Square (located in West Cambridge)

Central Square (located in Area 4)

Inman Square (located in Wellington-Harrington)

Kendall Square (located in East Cambridge)

The squares are not literally squares. Rather, each square is a vibrant commercial area defined by a central intersection and located in a residential neighborhood. Got that?!?

Cambridge is a great place to call home.