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Finding the Perfect Place in Cambridge on Your First Day Looking!

What do you do if you find the perfect place in Cambridge your first day looking? Great question!

Every buyer is different. Some need to have seen many places, often more than once, to know their mind and feel comfortable about proceeding with an offer. Others are ready to go if lightning strikes and they find the perfect place manifests itself on the first day of their search.

There is no "right way" or "wrong way" to be as a buyer. I often say to buyers, take as much time as you need to make a decision for yourself. However, once you have made a decision, act swiftly.

As a buyer's agent, I complete a market analysis for a buyer, so that the buyer understands the market value of the property they are interested in making an offer on. A property is ultimately worth what a buyer in the marketplace is prepared to pay for it. That being said, it is useful for a buyer to know what the market value is, so that they understand if the property is a) a bargain b) priced at market value c) "overpriced."

For a buyer ready to go, it is helpful to have an experienced buyer's agent on board in the decision-making process. The buyer's agent can review relevant properties now for sale, currently under accepted offer, or recently sold. The buyer's agent can also carefully review with a buyer client the various terms of their offer and help the buyer make informed decisions about all aspects of the offer they are making. The buyer's agent can also recommend home inspectors and real estate attorneys.

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