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Valentine for Harvard Square

How nice it would be if in Harvard Square there was an Anna's Taqueria...a deli like Zingerman's in Ann Arbor instead of Au Bon Pain...a true Parisian cafe like La Palette in Paris. gift shop like the Monocole Shop in London...a Vespa Ordinary Mind Zen Center...a sunken ice rink in front of the Charles Hotel more like the one at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City ....a Japanese Koban or Police Box next to a properly maintained 24-hour restroom...Agnes B shop...a giant chess set near where the Chess Master sits...Revamping Out of Town News into something like Berlin's Do You Read Me? Magazine subway station entrance redesigned by Norman Foster lke those he created in Bilbao...and perhaps the folks at the Harvard Graduate School of Design could enliven the Harvard Subway station  bringing LIFE and COLOR to the station, as you find in Europe....a small Apple store...a hip wine Agatha de la Prada children's shop like the one in SoHo NYC...a French East Coast outpost of William Stout Architectural Books...a toy store just for Playmobil...a Taschen bookstore with just Taschen books...10,000 Waves SPA...revamp the Garage with something like the now defunct Portland Public Market in Portland, Maine...A Gallery for Paulson Press...a world class wine shop like Elie Wine Company....a public water fountain in place of the A Mano shop for tip top tableware...a branch of Inman Square's Chrstina's Ice Cream for their unbeatable homemade ice cream!...a Korean internet cafe...a Tivoli radio store....a children's party place...a world class pub for world class football (soccer) matches....Grace Lee Furniture Design Showroom - made in Cambridge....Furst Shop featuring Ronald Furst handbags and Flavie Furst jewelery....

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