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Advice for Buyers of Residential Real Estate

Over the years, I have worked with many buyers as a buyer's agent. Each search has been a journey as a team from first showing to final walk-through and closing. Here is some general advice from me for buyers: Complete the loan preapproval process and develop a true understanding of your price range. Work with a local bank or mortgage broker who knows and understands mortgages and the local market and is reliable. Remember, too, to take stock of your own financial situation and zero in on your true price range.

Retain a hard-working buyer's agent who is value-added to your search.

A buyer's agent who - tracks the market and alerts you to listings of notecomes to truly understand your search and over time develops a refined sense of what is suitable and what is not - is capable of completing a meaningful market analysis when a property of interest comes into focus - is a good negotiator and a well-spoken advocate for your interests - knows the market and can help you weigh and consider the offerings in a meaningful way - is a dependable source of information and insights about the market, your search, and the home-buying process.

Carefully consider the resale value of the property you wish to buy. Size. Price. Location. Condition. Upside. Many factors - consider them all.

Learn from yourself in your search what you are really searching for. A tour of six properties on a Tuesday afternoon may not turn up your dream home. However, pay attention at each address and learn from yourself what you are really searching for - climbing to the top floor and being short of breath may remind you that you want to be on the first floor. Responding very positively to a new kitchen may bring home the importance of finding a cook's kitchen. Looking out the window at the neighbor's picture-perfect yard may tell you that for your new  home you really want a super outdoor space - or maybe just a nice view. PAY ATTENTION to what you are thinking and feeling in the course of your search and learn from yourself as your search opens up and advances forward.

Be realistic. It's not about lowering your standards -rather, it's about understanding what is achievable in your price range.

Be positive. You are much more likely to succeed in your search with a positive mindset. You do not have to find ten properties - you need to find one. Specifically, one which meets your needs and is a good choice for you now and looking forward. For sure, there's more to the process than a positive mindset. However, being positive goes a long way towards allowing for a successful outcome in your search.

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