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Eduardo Catalano House in West Cambridge sells for $418,000 OVER Asking Price of $1,087,000

On March 18, 2010, 44 Grozier Road in West Cambridge was listed for sale in MLS for $1,087,000. Three days later - having received multiple offers - the listing was posted as under accepted offer. Today, it SOLD for $1,505,000 - $418,000 OVER the asking price!!!

44 Grozier Road was the home of Eduardo Catalano, (1917 - 2010).  Eduardo Catalano was a Professor Emeritus of Architecture at MIT. An Argentinian architect who designed MIT's Stratton Student Center as well as a North Carolina home (Raleigh House)  praised by Frank Lloyd Wright and lost in 2001: "The three-bedroom house, set on a wooded lot at the end of a quiet street, featured a 4,000 square-foot hyperbolic paraboloid as its roof. Sheltered beneath the shoehorn-shaped roof was a square interior enclosed entirely in glass. The undulation of the roof provided openness in some areas and privacy in others." MIT NEWS.

According to the online assessor's database for Cambridge, Eduardo Catalono's own home in West Cambridge at 44 Grozier Road was built in 1982.  I had a chance to see the house during the brief time it was on the market earlier this year. Built on a slab, this modern classic is unlike any other home I have ever seen in Cambridge. The tree growing in the living room is a sight to behold, as is the back "yard" - a true outdoor living room with decking and and fencing in place of grass and shrubbery.

Let's hope that the new owner undertakes a thoughtful updating of this classic home.

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