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Why I love Cambridge and Somerville

Why I love Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts

I grew up in suburbia, and I am sure this goes a long way towards explaining why I love Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts so much!

I love the pulse of life here.

People are out walking and biking and taking the bus and hopping on and off the subway. Okay, for sure, there are also people driving cars. But not everyone is behind the wheel. Myself, I like to get around via Vespa when the weather permits!

 Harvard Square - Dancin' a jig, Cambridge, MA
Dancin' a jig at Make Music Harvard Square Music Festival.

I love the air of learning and all the students

Lucky me to have gone to Harvard and lucky me to live in a place with so many places of learning all around. Harvard. MIT. Tufts. Lesley. The atmosphere in Cambridge and Somerville is charged with intellectual energy. I used to be a prep school teacher and on a certain level I will always be a student. So, I love being here, with all the students and teachers and learning going on!

I love the parks and green spaces

There are inviting parks and green spaces big and small in Cambridge and Somerville. And the vast majority are well maintained and enjoy regular use. The pocket park on the street I live on in Cambridge (Elm Street) is now being renovated. For the last several years, Fresh Pond has enjoyed a series of improvements ( And CLICK HERE to see what Somerville did in 2013 to breathe new life into Chuckie Harris Park in East Somerville. Love it!


Charles River JFK Park fall daze

JFK Park along the Charles River near Harvard Square.


I love the squares

Cambridge and Somerville are in large part defined by their squares. Cambridge has Harvard Square and Porter Square and Central Square and Inman Square and Kendall Square. Somerville has Davis Square and Teele Square and Ball Square and Magoun Square and Union Square and now Assembly Square, too! The squares are crossroads, filled with restaurants and shops and all sorts of life and living. The squares give Cambridge and Somerville character and vitality and make living here more interesting and more vital.


Harvard Square - - Cambridge, MA

Meet me in Harvard Square!


As a top Realtor who loves Cambridge and Somerville, I would be delighted to be of assistance to you with buying or selling here. I can be reached at or on my cell phone at 617-733-8937. I look forward to hearing from you!

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