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Cambridge Concierge Buildings

Cambridge Concierge Buildings

There are a dozen concierge buildings in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Four concierge buildings are located in West Cambridge, including two in Harvard Square and two just outside the square. Two concierge buildings are located in Mid Cambridge between Harvard and MIT. And there are six condo associations in East Cambridge with concierge service.

NorthPoint (Tango) - Living room

NorthPoint (Tango) - Living room

On my websites (click here) and (click here), you can now learn about all twelve concierge buildings in Cambridge and see what is available at each one.

To make it easy to find the information on all twelve buildings on, go to

The two concierge buildings in Harvard Square are The Residences at Charles Square (975 Memorial Drive) and University Green (130 Mount Auburn).

975 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA

Residences at Charles Square - 975 Memorial Drive

The two concierge buildings just outside of Harvard Square are Riverview (221 Mount Auburn Street) and 1010 Memorial Drive. The latter is a cooperative.

Riverview 221 Mount Auburn Street

Riverview - 221 Mount Auburn Street. Located outside Harvard Square.

The two concierge buildings in Mid Cambridge are 931 Mass. Avenue and Bay Square (950 Mass. Avenue).

The six concierge buildings in East Cambridge are

The Esplanade

River Court

Thomas Graves Landing

One First


Regatta Riverview

Thomas Graves Landing, 4-6 Canal Park, Cambridge, MA

Thomas Graves Landing - 4-6 Canal Park. Located in East Cambridge.

As a top Realtor in Cambridge, I would be delighted to be of assistance to you with buying or selling in one of the Cambridge concierge buildings. I can be reached on my cell phone at 617-733-8937. I look forward to hearing from you and being of service!