10 Rogers Street

Cambridge Concierge Buildings

Thomas Graves Landing, 4-6 Canal Park, Cambridge, MA

There are a dozen concierge buildings in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Four concierge buildings are located in West Cambridge, including two in Harvard Square and two just outside the square. Two concierge buildings are located in Mid Cambridge between Harvard and MIT. And there are six condo associations in East Cambridge with concierge service.

2016 Sales: River Court - 10 Rogers Street, Cambridge

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River Court - 10 Rogers Street - is a concierge elevator building in East Cambridge overlooking the Charles River and Boston. Completed in 1989, there are 166 units on 14 floors. Residences facing the Charles enjoy views of the River and Boston. In 2016, MLS reports 12 sales at River Court - one studio, five 1-br units and 6 2-br units.