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Ask Charles Cherney - Question #2 - What is the best time of year to list my property for sale?

What is the best time of year
to list my property for sale?

What is the best time of year to list your property for sale?

The short answer is the spring market.

Every year, the spring market is the heart of the market.

When is the spring market? A broad definition defines the spring market as being early January through early June - basically the first six months of the year. The heart of the spring market is typically March and April and May. The determining factor here in New England is the weather. The sooner the snow melts, the sooner the spring market heats up. New listings steadily start coming on the market in the spring. Several years ago, we were being hammered by a series of heavy snowstorms early in the year and many new listings were delayed - and many buyers holed up at home. That year the spring market kicked off later.

Why is the spring market the best time of year to list your property for sale?

Well, typically it is the time of year that the most buyers are in the market. Buyers are a good thing for sellers. Spring fever.

Your house can look very appealing in the heart of the spring market. The grass is starting to green up. The flowers are blooming. It is lighter out.

To say that the spring market is the best time of year to list your property for sale is not to say that it is the only time of year one can list for sale. Properties are for sale all year long and one can list at any time. The next best time after the spring market is the fall market. The fall market runs from just after Labor Day until mid November. The summer market - June and July and August - is also a perfectly fine time to list. Really, the only time that it is truly challenging to be on the market is between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day, when you are up against the holidays and days that get dark before 5 pm and not too many buyers being in the market.

The answer to the essential question when is the best time for you to list your property for sale is going to be determined not just by what time of year is best but also by other factors impacting your decision, such as when you are moving or the date you are aiming to close by or possibly a job relocation. An experienced real estate agent will help you make the best decision with regard to when to list for sale based on your variables.

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