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Ask Charles Cherney - Question #11 - Is a second showing necessary?

Is a second showing necessary?

The short answer is that a second showing is not necessary but a very good idea if time allows.

Since the middle of 2012, a large number of Cambridge and Somerville listings have been listed for sale on a Thursday or Friday, with open houses held on Saturday and Sunday, and bids due on Monday or Tuesday. That is a very fast track. And on such a fast track, a second showing is not always possible, given a buyer's schedule and the times the property can be seen. That being said, a second showing is a very good idea if time allows.

When you visit a property for the first time, everything is new. There is a lot to take in. If you like the property, you could forget to look at certain aspects or details in the flush of excitement about liking the place. Or there could simply be so much to take in that you simply cannot process everything on the first visit.

A second showing is a chance to notice things you missed the first time around. It's also a chance to check in with your feelings. Maybe you were on the fence after your first visit. A second showing might help you understand if you are leaning towards making an offer or towards taking a pass. And there could be all sorts of variables that have changed, such as the time of day, the quality of light, or the number of other people in the property when you are there visiting. More often than not, the second showing is very clarifying. For sure, there are buyers who don't need a second showing. And then there are other buyers who need three or more to know their mind. That being said, it has been my experience that most buyers really benefit by two showings. It tends to make for a more informed decision regarding whether or not to pursue the property.

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