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Ask Charles Cherney - Question #25 - What does the real estate week look like in Cambridge and Somerville, MA?

What does the real estate week look like
in Cambridge and Somerville, MA?

The short answer is that there is regular rhythm to the real estate week, centered around the weekend and open houses.

One can make a case for the real estate week in the Cambridge and Somerville market starting on Wednesday. Each Wednesday, a number of local real estate offices go out on a tour to preview in person the new listings coming on the market with their respective office. Also, quite a few new listings are newly listed for sale in MLS on Wednesday.

Thursday is another popular choice for a new listing to be posted for sale in MLS. Also, many new listings have broker open houses on Thursdays. These broker open houses give agents from every office a chance to see new listings. In the last several years, broker open houses are frequently also open to the public as well.  

If a new listing has not been posted in MLS on Wednesday or Thursday, there is a good chance it will be listed on Friday. Agents and Sellers are seeking to be listed for sale before the weekend. Every once in awhile, there will be a Friday evening "commuter" open house for the public.

When I started working as a Realtor in Cambridge and Somerville in 1999, a Saturday open house was a very rare event. These days, Saturday open houses are quite common. For sure, not as many open houses on Saturday as on Sunday. Still, there are quite a few in Cambridge and Somerville, especially in the spring.

Sunday is the big day for open houses. Many properties are open, and a lot of people are out looking. The good news in Cambridge and Somerville is that parking by permit only restrictions are not in effect on Sundays.

Some properties will have a call for offers on Monday at 5 pm. Otherwise, Mondays are one of the quieter days of the real estate week.

Quite a few properties will have a call for offers at some point on Tuesday. Also, Tuesday is the other day of the week that broker open houses are happening, giving agents a chance to see listed properties.

Of course, to describe what the real estate week looks like is to not say every real estate week looks like this. For sure, holidays do have an impact on the real estate week. Generally speaking, real estate activity is much quieter on holidays.

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