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Ask Charles Cherney - Question #41 - What makes up a window?

Jambs and stiles and muntins - oh my! -
What makes up a window?

What makes up a window?
The short answer is the window glass and the window frame.

There is a lexicon for the elements or parts of a window. Recently, I came across an excellent blog post on HGTV on the anatomy of a window that it is really worth reading.

Key window terms are the following:

Sash - The sash is the frame that consists of the rails running along the top and bottom and the stiles on the sides. The sash holds the glass in place.

Glazing - Glazing refers to the glass in the window frame. It can be single, double or triple thicknesses with air spaces in between. Double and triple glazing is the most energy efficient. Most older windows are single glazed. Most newer windows are double glazed. Windows that are double glazed have two layers of glass with a space between them, and they are designed to reduce heat loss and exclude noise.

Windowsill - Also known as the stool, this part of the window protrudes out like a shelf on the bottom of the window into the interior of the house.

Casing - Casing is the horizontal and vertical molding that surrounds the entire window. It covers the space between the window and the wall. It can be installed inside or outside the house and provides a finished look.

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