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Ask Charles Cherney - Question #42 - What can a seller do to prepare a property for a home inspection?

What can a Seller do to prepare a property
for a home inspection?

What can a Seller do to prepare a property for a home inspection?
The short answer is to make the property fully accessible
for the inspector to complete the inspection.

Also, very often it is valuable for the Seller to take care of basic repair and maintenance issues prior to the inspection. David Rainey and Sallie McBrien have written a useful blog post on the topic: Preparing the Home for Buyer Inspections. Worth reading their post! In my view, the best time for a Seller to prepare is prior to coming on the market.

The Cambridge and Somerville real estate market has been hot, hot, hot, for a prolonged period of time. Some buyers are dropping the home inspection contingency clause from their offer and forgoing having a home inspection. That being said, home inspections have not altogether disappeared. Some happen before offers are due. Some happen on the other side of an accepted offer. A Seller who has prepared for a home inspection is likely in better shape than a Seller who has not. 

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