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Ask Charles Cherney - Question #18 - What are the squares of Somerville?

What are the squares of Somerville?

Somerville Squares Map

What are the squares of Somerville, Massachusetts?
The main squares of Somerville are

Teele Square
Davis Square
Ball Square
Magoun Square
Union Square
Assembly Square


The squares of Somerville are not literal squares. At the heart of each square is a main intersection. In each instance, the square is defined as the neighborhood around the main intersection. The six main squares of Somerville do not have clearly defined boundaries. Rather, the squares are among the named neighborhoods of Somerville. Davis Square is the one square with a Red Line T station. There now an Orange Line T station at Assembly. When the Green Line extension into Somerville happens, there will be Green Line T station stops in Union Square and near Ball Square.

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